About Us

Vital Vida Vendors is a business founded and owned by Ana Garcia- a neurodivergent Mexicana immigrant striving to create revenue streams as lifelines to support our most vulnerable communities. This concept was inspired by Saidiya Hartman: “So much of the work of oppression is about policing the imagination." After many iterations of engagement in work related to increasing justice and equity, Ana has decided to focus her work on uplifting her community through expression. Ana believes that a return to entrepreneurial/small business ventures that are concerned with their impacts on people and communities is one way she can work to disrupt systems of oppression.

In order to sell on the Vital Vida Vendors platform, our vendors must commit to disrupt capitalistic structures through profit sharing that helps sustain grassroots organizations, mutual aid funds, and individuals actively working to disrupt oppressive racist and classist systems that disenfranchise Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color and many more groups forced into the margins by ableism, misogyny, heterosexism and other systems of oppression. We use this platform as a way to nurture and express our creativity and imagination and to allow people to meet their basic needs in ways that are less extractive.